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Rev. Donald Jeffrey  Exorcist / Demonologist

(Deliverance Minister)

13794 West Waddell Road  Ste. 203-183

Surprise, Arizona  85379

(602) 292-1018     

Email: revdon@theforgottenministry.org


Exorcism (Deliverance)

( In person or by Skype)

House Cleansing




Note:  Rev. Don does not have regular scheduled services.

All services are by appointment. Private sessions can be  done in person at the Surprise, Arizona office, or via Skype.

Rev. Don does NOT charge for his services,

however, donations are greatly appreciated. 

Additionally, For the cleansing, Blessing and Dedication  of your home, he does charge a small fee for traveling expenses.

NOTE:  All Holy Water and Blessing oil used on your house/property is free.

If one wishes to obtain Holy Water, Oil of Blessing and /or Oil of Infirmity for your own personal use, it is available at a small fee.  

Sessions / Appointments

Rev. Don requires your full attention during all Skype sessions.  You must be distraction free with no inturruptions or other activities that you are partaking in at the same time as the deliverance session.   If you have to cancel your appointment, be sure to let him know as soon as possible. However due to the amount of people Christ is helping through him, there is a very good chance that you will not be able to make another appointment until the following week and usually the same day and time . 

Rev. Don is (Through Christ)  helping very ill individuals and most if not all usually have set days and times for deliverance/exorcism.

If you miss your appointment and do not notify Rev. Don, there is a minimum donation fee before you can restart your deliverance/exorcism sessions.