March 2018


                                              Assistant / Trainee Wanted
1.Must live in Phoenix Arizona area.
2. if not, willing to become  a "Born Again Christian". 
3. This Training will eventually lead to you becoming a "Deliverance Minister". Thus you must complete and receive a "Diploma of Ministry" from a reputable Seminary / Theology School/College. Such as "Christian Leaders Institute". ( Free School ) !   Or you can just remain an assistant.
Hours vary: Day time, Night time, Any time.   NO PAY !   
Email me with your Resume or Why you would like to be involved.
Email should be sent to:

07 April 2017

Here is a photo of a demon's face just to the left of the fan in a haunted house I was working on .

01 June 2017

Rev. Don Receives Priesthood recognition.  Rev. Don was awarded membership in the  

"Order of Melchizedekian Exorcists"


The below news was improperly posted.

What it should have said was Rt. Rev. Don was promoted to

"Superior General" of the Order. The first of many reorganizational structures within the order is a

"New Membership Drive" Rt. Rev. Don was able to get the order to accept Non-Ordained "Lay Persons" and will be mounting a large membership drive for the Ordained. The new web site  will be up and running soon.

Rev. Don now a member of

The Society of Christ

The Society, known as the "Anti - Jesuits," is an "Order" of Deacons, Ministers and Priests that have taken an oath to fight all evil and expose false religions such as the Roman Catholic Church, The Jehovah Witness, Mormonism and all other non Christian religions.

21 February 2018

Reverend Don Receives Title of Bishop !

In the right time at the right place, It had to be the Heavenly Fathers will. A Minister was needed with credentials Rev. Don has in order to ordain another.  No pride here. He was just lucky?