The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ was founded in 2014 by Rev. Don Jeffrey. A seminary graduate from the Christian Leaders Institute.
The Forgotten Ministry of Jesus Christ is Rev. Don's own Ministry and is a 501c-3 charity.
All donations are tax deductible.
Many people feel that they are alone in their demonic battle. Some believe it could not be evil spirits interfering in their lives because they are a Christian and Christians cannot have demons. This is so far from the truth and it pains them more so.  
A non-Christian can be possessed by an evil spirit, but a Christian cannot. However, a Christian can be infected by evil spirits.
(Demons & Fallen Angels)

Because one has lead a sinful life before  becoming  born again does not mean the evil spirits magically leave the body. They are still there and must be removed.

Rev. Don specializes in the following fields of ministry that most Churches/Ministers usually never acknowledge.

Do you suffer from any of the following ?
Unemployment / Cannot hold down a job.
Sleep Paralysis
Evil Dreams
Thoughts of suicide.
Speaking in another's Voice
Knowledge of a foreign language(s)
Speaking in demonic tongues.  
Cutting one’s self / Doing harm to self.
Addictions: Drugs, Alcohol, Sex / Masturbation
Spiritual Rape / Molestation.
Awaking most nights between 3 AM - 3:15 AM
Scratch marks appearing on your body.
Voices in your head that are speaking to you.
Traveling Pain / Pain for no reason.
Constantly changing your mind.
A family history of head injuries due to Freemasonry in the bloodline.
Suffering from past Satanic Ritual Abuse.
Disassociated Identity Disorder.

Ancestral Curses.

( Many generations ago, no one has any idea just what their ancestors were up to.

Their sins could bring curses on the bloodline.

A perfect example of this is the curse of the bastard. Whereas any child born out of wed-lock was cursed by our Heavenly Father for ten (10) generations.

Scripture: Deuteronomy 23:2

Are you and your children within the ten generations?)

Witchcraft practiced by someone you know or a bloodline relative, even generations ago.