How is Deliverance / Exorcism is Done.

 Breaking the chains of bondage

           Deliverance can be done in two ways, in a group or privately.  Rev. Don only does privately, thus he can address your problems directly while keeping your privacy.   

First and foremost, Rev. Jeffrey will forward you prayers and instructions as to what is needed for you to do yourself prior to your appointment. 

The prayers/instructions include:

1. Accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

2. Forgiving all those who harmed you. (This is for yourself, you are not contacting these people).

3. Repentance, or the forgiveness of Sins.

A full immersion baptism may also be required. If so, Rev. Jeffrey will be more than happy to assist you with this. 

Upon arrival (If  a private session) you will go over your application (Information) with Rev. Don. He will then bless you with anointing oil and have you verbally renounce a list of things related to your sins and some things that your ancestors may have done.

He will then say a few prayers and command demons to leave you in Jesus name. 

It is expected that Rev. Don will rub a bible up and down on you're back, and touch your head with a cross, but nothing more.


Most  times it will be required that you attend several sessions

for a complete healing/or freedom from your bondage.

Rev. Don is NOT  a doctor, medical practitioner of any kind, nor a licensed conselor. 

He  will never advise that you stop or  not start medical treatment, medications or counsolling .