Here is just a small sample of the testimonials that

Rev. Don had received over the years.


I started going to Rev. Don for problems in me and my family’s life that was apparently demonic in nature. My whole life, I was a “New Ager” dabbling in some occult including Reiki, Astrology, following Sai Baba’s teachings and have even traveled to the great pyramid of Giza as well as one of many in Mexico and South America.  
Rev. Don, through many deliverance sessions, where he had casted out many demons. He had discovered that there was anothers soul in me and that the stomach pain I had for twenty years was also demonic!
I had told Rev. Don that I had heard that my grandmother was a big “New Ager.” And that, she had died four days before I was born.  Rev. Don began a different type of deliverance on me. I basically had no idea what was going on. I could hear him speaking, but could not understand exactly what he was saying. When I told him that, he responded by telling me ” it’s ok, I am not speaking to you.”
It turns out, I had a disassociated Identity disorder or D.I.D.  Rev. Don does not know how they can do it, but he had dealt with it before. It turned out that my great, great grandmother, upon her death must have made some kind of demonic agreement to have her soul put in me upon her death while my mother was still carrying me (Pregnant).
Rev. Don spoke with my great, great grandmother through me in the divided identity and had told her it was time to go into the light and meet Jesus. She did and then Rev. Don exorcised the demons that were in me helping my grandmother’s soul.
My entire life, I had chased “New Age” all over the world. After my grandmother’s soul left, I have no drive or need for the “New Age”.  Certain kinds of food that I loved before, I now don’t care for. Food I hated I am beginning to love. At fifty eight years old, I am now finally starting to live my life, not my grandmothers.
It’s like starting my life all over again, but this time, as a child of Christ.
Another problem Rev. Don took care of was a pain I had in my stomach for over twenty some years. The doctors had no idea what it was, but Rev. Don did. He explained that it was a demonic attack on me and that there was an “Invisible spear” sticking out of my stomach. He pulled it out and immediately the pain stopped. It has been several months now, and still no stomach pain.
Rev Don says it’s not him, its all Jesus.




We had felt an uneasy feeling throughout our home. We didn’t understand what it was and just could not put our finger on it.  It just appeared that all of a sudden things felt weird. Are pets would look at nothing as if someone was there. We would find our blind cords tied in very complexed knots. Nothing like what our pets could do.
We followed Rev. Don’s instructions for cleansing and blessing a house using his Holy Water and Blessing Oil. After that, everything began to feel calm, our pets stopped looking at things that weren’t there and there were no more knots in our blind cords.  It seems as if there is an angelic presence in the house now. “Praise Jesus”.
                                                                                                                                                                   New York


I went to Rev. Don for an exorcism session. After several where he had cast out various evil spirits he said he had saw a very long spear sticking out of my stomach. (In the spirit realm). He then went through the motion of pulling it out and my stomach was fine ever since.




My wife and I were receiving exorcism sessions from Rev. Don. One night I had attempted to get more demons out of my wife. Just then a demon spoke through my wife and stated

"I'm going to gouge her eyes out."

Just then, she lost her eyesight in both eyes.  I rushed her to the hospital where they confirmed that she was 100% blind. We left with a hand full of referrals and they also wanted her to return to see if the nerves that attach to both eyes had broken.

Upon returning home, I called Rev. Don, who all though it was late came right over. I have a large German Shepherd that always whined when Rev. Don came over. But this time, he appeared to be filled with demons because the steel cage he was in was weakening and my dog was literally  bending the bars with his teeth.

Rev. Don walked in the bedroom, applied anointing oil to my wife's forehead and oil of infirmity to each of her eye lids. He then stepped back to the foot of the bed she was laying in and said,

" I command the evil spirit that took (wife's name withheld)

eyesight to return it and go to the pit of Hell, NOW ! "

With that, Rev. Don Held up his thumb in a thumbs up position and asked my wife how many fingers he was holding up. She replied, "Your holding