Myself, my children, my mother were facing many physical ailments as well as nightmares and various forms of spiritual attack hence Why I contacted Rev. Don...I am so shocked at the potency of this holy water within 5 minutes of me starting to bless the home my younger sister who is notoriously skeptic said "It feels so light in here" and "It just got hotter all of a sudden" Mind you, I hadn't even done a quarter of the home yet.

I also poured Holy water into the dogs dishes and once they drank it immediately I said "Any demons within any of the family pets come out of them, never return and go to the pit of Hell In The Name of Jesus Christ" as soon as I said those words our 14 year old dog started Hacking(Coughing) up a storm!!! Yeah Jesus!!!

I also did my car and I spray three sprays of the water on me In The name of The Heavenly Father, The Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit...since spraying this on me before I go into work (I am a waitress) people who normally carry on long conversations with me have not said much to me at all and give glares and dirty looks now! Haha! Evil does not like the Glory and Power of God!

My own boss who always talks to me will not say much at all now...Hmmm, Interesting! Also the water will leave permanent marks wherever you anoint and bless! So very powerful! I don't know what God is doing through Rev. Don Jeffrey but I do know he is using him to shake the Depths of Hell and Destroy the Works of The Devil, truthfully what WE ALL need to be doing! Amen! Bless you and the Forgotten Ministry of The living Christ.

                                                                                                                                                                                                  L. A. Michigan



          For many years I had been using spirit boards and a pendulum. I had what I thought contacted friendly spirits along the way. Approximately 6 months ago, in the middle of the night, I was awakened in a startled state to something covering and pressing on my body.

In the morning I was using the pendulum board to talk to "Steve" my friendly spirit to ask if he was the one who pressed on my body in the middle of the night. He told me it was not him, and that I was in danger, and that I should stop using the board immediately.

From that point on, I was being attacked 24 hours a day, either pinched, burning my skin, a mass crawling up the sheets at night, crawling up my legs. It wouldn't let me sleep without doing something to wake me up all night long. They, now about four of them also continuously spoke to me throughout the day and night.

I had become so stressed and sick, I thought I would have to quit my job as a licensed professional. I didn’t know what to do, I was the only source of income for my family.  I had to call my ex-husband to stay with me, nothing worked. I tried sage, salt, demanding it to leave, nothing. I didn't know what I was up against or what to do.

After about a week I found Reverend Don's web site and hysterically called him after a long night of torture. Rev. Don explained exactly what I was up against and further explained to me that there were no friendly spirits and that all of them, including “Steve” were evil and were responsible for attacking me.

He further informed me that by using a “pendulum and spirit board” I was doing witchcraft and that is how these evil spirits had entered me.

Rev. Don began his battle with these evil spirits by first baptizing me and bringing me to Christ the right and only way. He had me repent all of my sins, forgive all others who harmed me and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior.

He also cleansed and blessed my home and gave me special prayers I have been saying daily, and with the weekly deliverance/exorcism sessions, the demonic attacks have subsided significantly and the voices have stopped.  I am able to go to work now with no interference from these evil spirits and support my family!

Rev. Don has also taught me how to defend myself against these attacks. For I continue spiritual warfare against these demons every day but to a lesser degree. I can't thank Rev. Don enough as he continues to battle these demons with me.




Rev. Don pulled the demon of financial bondage out of me. That afternoon I received a letter from the water company that they had been over charging me and that they were sending me a check for over 600.00 !

Praise Jesus!

C.T.  Wickenburg,  AZ




While casting evil spirits out of my wife, a demon manifested and said, “I will gouge out her eyes, shortly after that she had went completely blind.

After coming back from the hospital, where they had made the diagnosis that she was completely blind.

I called Rev. Don and he came right over and in Jesus'  Name, Rev. Don anointed and blessed my wife. He then put oil of infirmity on her eye lids and commanded the demon to “Loose her eyes.

My wife’s eyesight returned to her in only a few seconds. We made a few follow up sessions and she is now 100%.



       The Haunted House        

         We started experiencing odd things going on in the house shortly after buying it and moving in.  in general, everything we would try to do would be an “ordeal”, like lights burning out after 2-3 days and having to replace them all the time; internet working for 1-2 days and then having no signal; delays and problems with construction projects and painting. 

It seemed like everything was just a major hassle and what should take an hour to do would inevitably take 5 hours.  After about a month living here one of our dogs started acting odd.  He would sit away from us, in a hallway and be staring down the empty part of the house growling with his hackles up; he would stare at certain walls and growl and at one point blocked us from going to our refrigerator and he was looking in his peripheral vision between the family members and the fridge. 

This particular episode I videotaped on my phone because I thought it was so weird.  I ended up showing several of my friends the video and we finally realized that in the video you could see a dark black hand reaching out from underneath the fridge.  A couple of times I tried to lay down and take a nap and took the dog with me.  He would lay right on top of me (100 pound dog) instead of laying next to me as usual. 

We also had several lights in the house that would go on and off by themselves constantly.  One morning I turned the switch off 9 separate times and each time I got across the room the light would be on again.  The night we called Rev. Jeffrey to come over and help us we couldn’t sleep.  That particular night me and my boyfriend both heard footsteps on the carpet, like someone was walking around our bed over and over again.  I really feel like it was getting worse because we called for help. 

Once Rev. Don came over cleansed and blessed our house we have had no issues since that time.  When he went to bless my three dogs, they simultaneously sat up and yawned which was obviously very off but I do believe the demon(s) were leaving from the dogs.  We are so blessed and thankful for his help.  


                                                                                                                                 Name Withheld   (An Arizona Resident)

           The above homeowner filmed this incident where the one of there three dogs will not let them go anywhere near the refrigerator. If you look closely at the bottom of the refrigerator, you can see what appears to be a black hand reaching out from under it.  

The dog knew there was something evil there.  Upon cleansing the home, every time I would say a prayer, the dogs would bark. Every time I said "Jesus" I heard one growl. After cleansing the house, I casted demons out of all three dogs.

I learned after the cleansing that the  previous owner was from Africa. I believe there may have been some black magic practiced in the house and upon that resident moving, demons were left behind.

It appears they would hide in the dogs, come out and cause mischief, then jump back into the dogs.      

Unknowingly Practicing Witchcraft

I was unknowingly practicing witchcraft using a pendulum and collecting spirits in boxes. When I realized it was wrong, it was to late. I started hearing demons talking to me non stop. They were interfering with my whole life. After one session with Rev. Don they were gone. Thank you so much Rev. Don.

                                                                                                                                                                                        Y.J .



             As a Christian healer, I battle evil spirits in people seeking my (Christs) help on  a regular basis. . In the spring of 2016,  I   was attacked by a "Witch" right before my eyes. She threw something at me and my side blew up that night and I had a very high fever all night.

during that night, I kept waking up with thoughts of killing myself and that my life was over.  I had realized that these thoughts and feelings were not my own.

It was through the "Holy Spirit"  That I had found Rev. Don Jeffrey, a Deliverance Minister/Exorcist, who is known as a specialist for combating witchcraft.

He did several sessions with me and taught me advanced techniques in "Spiritual warfare" battling witches in the early part of the summer and things got much better.

This "Coven" of witches as it turns out, has been continuing to attack me , so I know this is not over. I feel I would have been in much more serious trouble  without Rev. Don's help.  I have no doubt these witches were trying to kill me , but by the grace of God and with Rev. Don's help, I'm still here fighting the good fight and helping Christians. 


                                                                                                                                               Sedona, AZ  

Battling Witchcraft from a Relative

                I have been under attack by “Witchcraft” from a relative for the past several years. During that time, I had felt as if I lost the life that I had once known.  I was unable to make advances in my life with education, relationships and success the way others have.

While they enjoyed life, I was entwined in the pain, stress and misery of being a victim of this witchcraft.

I had been suffering from severe demonic manifestations, uncontrollable fear and confusion. It had become unbearable, as I sought out ministers and churches that were specialist in deliverance to no avail. At this point in my life, a healing was only something that I had dreamed of.

When I first met Reverend Don, I was very skeptical at first, and considered him just another deliverance minister that would be unable to help me with this unique situation. But, I had to try, I just could not go on with this misery any longer.

The first thing I discovered about Rev. Don is that he is very easy to speak with and has an extensive knowledge of deliverance, especially where witchcraft is involved.

He is patient, persistent, and aggressively searches for the latest information about how to fight advanced attacks from the enemy. Giving him a full understanding as to what is needed to secure my freedom.

His use of spiritual tools (Weapons) to address difficult situations such as mine is only second to his counselling and steadiness when dealing with the demonic.

While changes did not happen overnight, my situation gradually got better. I was able to not only receive much needed relief, but I was able to further my understanding of how to protect myself spiritually in the future.

I am at a place now where I am on the road to recovery, something that I did not think was possible 6 months ago. If anyone needs help in this area or has had problems finding help with deliverance and spiritual warfare attacks, I highly recommend and encourage you see Rev. Don.

                                                                                                                                  J  .K.   

                                                                                                                                                                       Tempe, AZ.



 Testimonies of Rev. Don's

Holy Water, Anointing Oil and Oil of Infirmity.

I had used Rev. Don's Holy Water to bless my moms house.  I put a dab on my finger and made the sign of the cross on an old wooden trunk.  The Holy Water literally burned a hole right into the wood! 



                                                                                                                               Phoenix, AZ.


We had felt an uneasy feeling throughout our home. We didn’t understand what it was and just could not put our finger on it.  It just appeared that all of a sudden things felt weird. Are pets would look at nothing as if someone was there. We would find our blind cords tied in very complexed knots. Nothing like what our pets could do.

We followed Rev. Don’s instructions for cleansing and blessing a house using his Holy Water and Blessing Oil. After that, everything began to feel calm, our pets stopped looking at things that weren’t there and there were no more knots in our blind cords.  It seems as if there is an angelic presence in the house now. “Praise Jesus”.

                                                                                                                    C. G.          

                                                                                                                    New York


I was suffering from a very bad headache for several hours, I put Rev. Don’s Infirmity oil on my forehead, within just a minute or two my headache was gone.

                                                                                                                    G. C.

                                                                                                                                  Phoenix, AZ.